Close-Up (The White Escape)

Close-Up (The White Escape) 
Installation, mixed media photos/video, 
Art Paris 2010

Through the game of flat-screen window support (for the video performance) and broken armored glass (photos), Close-Up develops the question of confinement and conditioning. An attempt to break the codes of artistic and genre clichés by playing with the register of universal references. 

While Mary Sue tries to escape by hitting the window of the screen that keeps her in captivity, the black and white vertical stripes (in reminiscence of Buren's) intersect with the stripes of her mannered prisoner costume. A visual game that sets the scene for the character/artist locked in an ultra codified and hieratic universe. The white panties -her frail weapon- appears as a visual escape, a thin separation between Nature and Culture. Any chance getting out? After 23 minutes fighting against the screen, the looped video starts again. The photos (still images, dead by definition) shown in addition to the video which is played over and over again, bury the idea of ​​a possible exit. Framed behind armored glass, they become relics of a battle lost in advance.

A static and hectic triptych.

Close-Up 1 & 2 
Photos under broken armored glass.
Original multiples, framed, 74 x 106 cm, 2010

Close-Up, The white escape 
SD video performance for flat screen 42' size, stereo sound, 23'26", 2010

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