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In literature, the term Mary Sue defines the main character of a fiction without sharp edges. It is also the mirror of its author who consciously or not infuses autobiographical traits into his character.

It is by becoming this common name that the artist-character feeds and enriches "itself", that she constructs it and deconstructs the multiple facets of our society, swallowing down the facade of clichés, education, and our common culture.
The aesthetics of childhood, games, advertising are all reassuring plastic elements that she has assimilated. It is through these codes that her reverse-autofiction process takes shape and that the character evolves.


“In her autofictions, Mary Sue is halfway between fiction and reality, with one foot in childhood and the other in the adult world, an in-between who does not belong to one side or the other. It is not a question of being unable to make a choice, but of finding a place that can reveal the mechanics of the contemporary world, a place where everything is permitted.
This is the place of art.
It is a place of contradictions, where things link with and oppose each other constantly, where ardent activism and naive passivity intermingle. It is a place where our hidden prejudices are revealed, and where a false sense of emancipation reigns supreme.

Mary Sue is the most serious of games. A game that makes fun of the world, while in fact being fully part of it.”

Mary Sue is represented by TMH gallery (Holland). For more information, please visit the gallery website or send a message via the contact section.

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