The elastic game

Marysuecide #7
Un piètre Mondrian
120x120 cm, C-print, 2003

This photos series was realised in 2003. Originally, it was first of all a video performance of the elastic game that went wrong. Just started, it is impossible to untie the knots that form in the thongs of the shoes. The multi-colored rubber bands tighten and lace up Mary Sue's legs. 
Between "Arakian" bondage and the ultra structure of Mondrian's paintings, Mary Sue finds her place exactly here, right in the middle of these two opposites.

The elastic game
#1, #2,#3,#4
Photos from the performative video "l'élastique"
100x100 cm, C-print, 2003

The elastic game #6
Photo from the performative video "l'élastique"
100x100 cm, C-print, 2003

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